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“Hulu – Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.”

Online Video streaming is awesome. If you have been living under the Earth with the Crab People from Southpark, online video streaming is where a website provides visual entertainment for free, by having short advertisements inserted into the episode or movie. The advertisements work as payment for providing the video, and are usually under thirty seconds.

I first discovered Hulu after reading an article in Entertainment Weekly in 2007. If you would like a more in-depth review of the site, I suggest visiting the link, I’m just going to talk about my experiences with the site. Since visitng the site from then, I have seen Hulu grow its repository of videos to a very robust state. Especially during the summer, Hulu had its “Hulu Days of Summer” where on every weekday, they would either add a new set of episodes from a series, or a new movie to its archive. A couple of the things they added were Jerry Maguire, The 5th Element, and Nova from PBS.

The quality of the site is substantial. You can watch videos in either a 480p high format, or a lower quality of video, the interface is slick and smooth with quick loading times, the ads are incorporated nicely enough that they don’t deter the experience, and there is a nice list of items to watch. You can create an account with the site, which allows you to watch mature content, as well as subscribe to shows for episodes and clips that are immediately added to your “queue” so you can easily watch. New episodes of shows, and movies are added daily, and clips of series are in vast abundance, as well. Overall, the site is well organized, optimized, and projects a feeling that is professional and organized.

I suggest you go check the site out if you have not already heard of it. They have episodes from the last season of Family Guy, every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and an overlooked awesome documentary of the life on Naval Carriers. I was laughing all summer long especially with IASP, and I highly recommend it.


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