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Lemonade Stand

One fond memory I have of my childhood is that I would plop right out on the end of my driveway during the hot days of summer and set up a little cardboard box with a poorly written sign saying “Lemonade!”. My street really was not all that busy, nor were the people that drove by necessarily generous, but I was out there trying to sell a drink from a little yellow fruit.

Classic Lemonade Selling

Classic Lemonade Selling

Now that those days are long over, and with people ordering their lemonade online, I have been put out of business. My box is all dusty, my manufacturing process is inefficient, and the kid hours I put into my company are now futile. I have been the victim of globalization; a worldwide industrialization that has put many children trying to sell lemonade out of business. Along with globalization, high gas prices have steered many drivers from taking long ridiculously useless side routes onto streets that have been prime real estate to lemonade stand producers everywhere. Their tears sully the ground on which this massive e-commerce has grown.

That is why I am refreshed, like a shot of tequila into the eye, that an e-commerce site is bringing the lemonade stand back to the people that began it. We now have a website that caters to us dried up lemonade stand producers, and adds an extra tart flavor overall to the enterprise. lemonade is a site that allows users to create a “stand” with products that the user picks that visitors can visit and purchase by clicking on links in the stand. If the person buys the product from the website provider that puts the link into the stand, then the owner of the stand receives a small profit.

Many lemonade producers have rejoiced. The site has many lists of different types of products you can add to your site. It has been around since 2007, but I only recently found it and apparently it has grown its amount of items you can add, which is always nice. Many different people have stands that they design in the “Marketplace” that you can browse through.

I think it is a rather interesting concept, and I hope to see this site grow. Any site that encourages profit anyone is great in my eyes, but they have trouble getting started because of the overflow of product and not enough visitors. I encourage you to check it out, because I do like the idea of the tears of Lemonade producers to be healed by your small little click to this site. =)

My Lemonade Stand


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  2. Keep up the good work.

    November 11, 2008 at 4:30 pm

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