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Revisions and the Future

So, I think I finally came up with a design and style of what exactly my blog will look like and cover! Man, this is more exciting then polar bears learning kickboxing, and if you’re like me, you should be equally as stoked about what this blog will now accomplish!

First, I finally settled on a decent layout that I think will work well, and have added some nice little pages just below the banner. This blog will now feature these sections:

Demotivational – Demotivation pictures, which are hilarious and witty, will now be added to this blog every now and again. My own demotivation will be added as well! Woo! You are also welcome to add your own pictures by posting on that page or on this post as well.

Essential Programs – Often I get asked about what I use on my computer, because I don’t like to march behind the multitudes of the mainstream when it concerns software and such. (I’m such a rebel, I know. =] ) So in this section is a bunch of sites where you can find great media players, useful utilities and image editing software, and other cool programs that you simply gotta try.

Friends – I now will be adding a few affiliates to a page and will link and include some of their news information. They will also be featured on the first page as well.  If you would like to become one, send me a message or comment somewhere!

Music – From week to week, I will be posting the music that I am currently obsessed with into a playlist and post it here so you guys and gals can listen to it, and discover some new artists, and tracks that you may not have heard before. If you hate my music, go ahead and tell me. If you love it, make my self esteem go up! You’re welcome to post your own tracks that you hear, because I love hearing new music all the time =D

Projects – This page is rather empty as of now, but I am working on a few personal projects I may be adding up here. For example, imagine a restaurant that has hamsters in little rolling balls as waiters and food carriers? Amazing? I think SO! (lol)

Reviews – I think I’m awesome, and therefore must have awesome things. I’m also an arrogant prick, but still charming O:) I will be adding reviews of websites, music, movies, games, and anything else I feel necessary to put in that little section. There are already a couple of reviews there and I am working on one review today as we speak! =D

So sit back, subscribe, and watch the awesomeness roll in like an avalanche.


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