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Animal Crossing City Folk

Hey Everyone!

I don’t personally own a wii, or any of the new generation of consoles because I haven’t got the time or the money for them, but I did used to play Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. Now Nintendo is rolling out Animal Crossing City Folk on November 16th, 2008, and it looks very nice.

Check out the videos of gameplay and promotional nonsense down below. If you have a wii, and you need to kick back and relax, you should try this game =]


One response

  1. I got the game (and Wii) at the same time.
    The game is very good, even though it is quite like the other games. I really like the city. It’s so much fun to just browse, shop, and change how your character looks. It’s a game that’s worth your time.

    February 1, 2010 at 7:51 pm

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