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South Park – Elementary School Musical

Hey Everyone,

Last night was an excellent episode of South Park. In it, the guys are horror struck as everyone else is all singing and dancing in a parody of a recent musical movie. Stan is paranoid that Wendy is falling for the highly attractive 3rd grader, Briden, and the guys must learn to deal with the overly popular musical eccentricity of their peers.

Personal favorite part: When Cartman talks about how he tried to kill himself and failed. One of the best quotes of the week. Enjoy!


Score: 9/10


Story: Ripped from High School Musical 3, but rags on it to the extent that you want. If you have a hatred for this popular phenomenon, however, you may feel like this episode is a punch in the dick. Just like any South Park plot, it’s a well written story, but depends upon the person watching it. I personally took it as an exposition about popular fads that are only as good as long as they are popular.


Jokes: There were two very notable jokes that made the group of people watching it burst out in laughter for in excess of 10 seconds. You’ll know them when you hear them. Due to the musical content of the show, they had to cut back on some of the dialogue jokes, but there are some notable satirical lyrics in the songs. You’ll also love the scenes with Briden’s father.


Characters: The group pulls off a great singing session, and Briden’s father is hilarious.



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