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“Study: Paying more for alcohol saves lives”

Sorry, but this is an idiotic study. Derrr… If Alkihol moar expieeensive, den maibee i dreenk lezz!!

By Madison Park, CNN: “Higher taxes on alcohol can make a night out more expensive but could save lives, according to a study released Thursday.

Each time the state of Alaska raised its alcoholic beverage tax, fewer deaths were caused by or related to alcohol, according to the study that examined 28 years of data.

When Alaska raised its alcohol tax in 1983, deaths caused by or related to alcohol dropped 29 percent. A 2002 tax increase was followed by an 11 percent reduction, according to the study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

“Increasing alcohol taxes saves lives; that’s the bottom line,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Alexander Wagenaar, a professor at the University of Florida’s Department of Epidemiology and Health Policy Research. “The tax increase caused some reduction in consumption of alcohol. The reduction saved lives.”

The study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, tracked the number of deaths for every quarter in Alaska from 1976 to 2004.

Using information from death certificates, Wagenaar and the co-authors compiled the number of deaths caused by alcohol, such as alcohol poisoning and alcoholic liver disease, and deaths linked to alcohol, such as cirrhosis and chronic pancreatitis. Deaths caused by alcohol-related car accidents or violence were not included.

Deaths from Alaska were compared with data from other states to control for nationwide factors, such as population growth and advanced medical care.

The authors found 23 fewer deaths per year after a 1983 tax hike and 21 fewer deaths per year after a 2002 increase.

Researchers chose to study Alaska after … “(Full Story)


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