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Some Cool Luxury Watches (Including the Bourne watch!)

Hey Everyone,

I was watching a couple of the Bourne movies the other day and was feeling a bit curious about the watch he wears in the movies. I ended up doing some research online and found it along with a few other watches you may find interesting. If you’re looking into knowing more about luxury watches, I suggest you check out this site, which helped with learning about different kinds of watches and brands. My top picks for watches are below for this month.

This watch simply looks badass. It comes in a few colors and in the movies, the watch varies slightly, but I believe the band always matches up. Now all I need is some money for this Tag Heuer watch.

This watch is perfect for that high class executive who swims in the Caribean during the day and sprints to a high class cocktail party the same night without ever taking his watch off. Boasting a 1,000 ft. waterproof encasing, this sapphire crystal shining watch Rolex is bound to impress anyone, myself included 😀

A friend of mine always reps Movado, and now I see why. Browsing through their watches, they have a simplistic design that just adds a kind of unique style to their watches. I chose the Movado Eliro as my favorite just because it reminds me of my watch right now.

If you've ever read some of my previous posts, you'll know I love Tokyo Flash watches. They may not be the most luxurious watches, but I love their unique time displays that varies from watch to watch. What you lose in luxury, you definitely make up for in flair. Annnd, after playing a whole bunch of Mass Effect, this is the watch I would wear if I was Commander Shephard.


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    awesome article.

    April 5, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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