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Ebert – ‘Video games cannot be art’

Fuck off Ebert.

He goes on to say that Michael Jordan and a few other notable sports characters have never described their games as “art”. Well Durr. Sports games are not artistic in the fact that they simply replicate viewer ship experience of a sporting event and make it more interactive to be played at home. Where’s the art in replicating football, basketball, or any other sports game? It’s simply not part of the equation of the genre.

Now take a look at a game like God of War, Mass Effect, Resident Evil 4, or any other game that has a compelling storyline presented in a fantastic way. How can you say that the interactivity and resonance that those games provide is unlike the same resonance that a great movie provides?

I firmly believe that video games are the purest form of entertainment. A movie is something you sit down with a few buddies or by yourself and just watch images on a screen. A video game takes it a step further and gives you a controller to navigate your way through the story.

So get fucked Ebert, and don’t belittle an industry you can’t understand.

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