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Colossal Squid Believed to be Lame, No Longer Awesome

Hey Everyone,

According to a recent study, the ginormous squid that you’ve seen in the news before, every time one of these baddies’ bodies are recovered, is most likely a “wait and see” kind of kraken rather than a “let me get tossed into Pirates of the Caribbean for Kicks” monster. These monstrous squids still have some pretty slick stats to their name though and let’s break it down:


  • 15 meters long (like 45 feet long)
  • Their eyes have reported to be 27cm across (11inches)
  • Instead of little suckers on the tentacles, these things have arms with swiveling hooks, SWIVELING hooks.
  • Bioluminescences. Like- Glows in the dark., +1 BA pts.
  • Would make the water temple in Ocarina of Time bearable.


  • Hides in the dark like a puss.
  • Eats 1 fish, doesn’t have to eat again for 200 days. Lame.
  • Would be the worst contestant on dancing with the stars.

For the full report, and some random scientists making predictions on things that they’re just inferring rather than backing up with substantial results: (Link Hurr)


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