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Glassdoor.com and Why You Should Use It

Hey Everyone,

As a student, there are always so many questions that pop into my head while at school. Is this material relative to my interests? Is my career path the right one? Will I be able to get a job when I graduate? How can I find a decent internship? Which company would I like to work for? Does ramen contain laxatives?

That’s why it’s always nice to find an online resource that can help satisfy at least a few of these questions. I stumbled across the website Glassdoor.com as I was searching for internships for the summer. Now, the site is only in beta, but it offers company Salaries, Reviews, and Interviews. I decided to try out a couple companies that I really don’t know any information about and I was rather surprised at the information that was available. Being the Bioware obsessed individual I am (Damn you Kotor!), I tried that company.

Within a couple seconds, the site brought up information about salary ranges of some of the positions (Animator makes $82k-$89k? Whoaa), a couple reviews about some of the details of working for Bioware from actual employees, a few words on the interview and one of the questions they used, reviews from employees that have been associated with the company, and the site included job postings from Bioware.

Now that’s pretty neat. To be able to pull up all that information in a timely and organized fashion was fantastic. I also feel that the site is pretty user friendly when it comes to design. The two column site approach shows the content on the left with tailored feeds on the right to your interests, such as what people are saying about Activision (enough with the Guitar Hero, srsly.). And the little things on the site round out the experience such as little green bars for salary ranges and the easy switches between salaries, reviews, and interviews.

Greenbars ftw.

The one feature that really stands out is the user account system. Every time you log in, companies you may have been browsing at some point will show updates, so Bioware may now have a new position open at their company that you can readily check, so it almost works as a news source in that regards. The only qualm I have with the site is that after so many page visits, you need to write something on the site in order to keep browsing, but they do offer accounts with all-access capabilities to students with a .edu address.

Glassdoor is still in beta, but I really enjoy what they’ve done so far with the site. I highly suggest you head on over to the site and check it out for any companies you may be interested in. You can also learn a few things from some of the more detailed reviews from employees about not only the company, but the industry as a whole. And also, if you’re looking for internships specifically, you should check out one of the sites that Glassdoor utilizes, Indeed.


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