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Summer So Far

Hey Everyone,

Hopefully everyone’s summer is going well, I know mine has been alright. Recently I’ve just been working 40 hrs a week, visiting friends on the side, and working on my side projects. July 4th was a blast! I got out of work early and was able to sprint up to the lake for the remainder of the weekend and spend it swimming, boating, and of course, my personal favorite, tubing. =D

Working for retail has been a pretty interesting experience so far. It gives an overall newer appreciation to how the products that we purchase in stores and online really come about to get to our homes and the immense amount of work involved in the process. I was pretty surprised at how systematic and routine everything was. From the systems that display and monitor inventory management to the amount of labor that goes into making every shelf look decent for customers, there truly is a lot of work that’s involved.

The thing that irks me the most and unsettles me is the amount of time some of these people have spent working for the same company. I couldn’t imagine working for the same corporation for 15 years, let alone up to 35 years that I’ve seen from some fellow coworkers. It seems baffling to me that anyone would stay in the same corporate structure for that long and be happy with their situation. I mean, honestly, you have to want to explore other companies and the world a little bit more, right? A little ambition goes a long way, and I swear if you see me working at the same place for 15 years, then you know something went wrong. What happened to their passion? What happened to that drive as a human being to want to explore? Sometimes walking into work can be very depressing, and looking at some of those faces really makes me more motivated to get a degree.

Also, I just want to give a shout out to June’s site views. Last month this site got over 14,000 hits, which is just great and I really appreciate everyone that comes to the site and hope they’re finding something interesting each time. I know I haven’t updated it recently, but don’t worry, I will be doing more once the internship kicks in. 

And on a final word, the state of the gaming industry has certainly taken a baffling turn this year! With the onset of 3D not only in our movies but now proliferating our TVs and now our video game consoles, I really don’t like this new fad. It didn’t work a couple decades ago, and once people stop spending an extra 50% on movie tickets to see silly movies in “oooooo 3D!”, I hope we can get back to developing what’s really important, making the holodeck from Star Trek a reality 🙂


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