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Summer Gamer Woes

Hey Everyone,

I absolutely love summer. There’s always so much to do, so many people to see, and there’s no annoying classes and homework (unless you’re an overachieving college student). But at the same time, I’m a summer gamer. I don’t play too many video games in the summer, bun when does being a summer gamer really become a problem?

This past weekend we spent the entire time at a lake house. Every day our whole group would go out swimming, biking, kayaking, boating, hiking, and pretty much everything you could do that’s fun on a lake. It was an absolute blast and we had so much fun.

Yet, there was one kid with us who could not separate himself from the tv at the cottage. I don’t even know why he even brought the system and his xbox up but while most of us  were outside enjoying the great weather, he was inside glued to the tv screen playing a heaping mix of Assassin’s Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Dead Space.

Now I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that he even brought up his system when he knew he was heading to a lake for the weekend, or that he ignored his 15+ friends to play games he could always play at home when he got back. What  runs through a person’s head to make them do something like that? It was one of the few times that all of us could get work off and hang out together at such a sweet lake house, and yet this guy would only have memories of killin’ necromorphs or some other stupid in-game event.

It’s situations like that which help me understand what some of the critics of the gaming world bitch about. Most of what they spew is utter nonsensical idiocies, like Ebert from a couple months back, but I remember reading several stories on game addiction and my friend doing gaming all weekend and squandering his time at the lake really made me think back to those articles.

Now, I would understand his actions a little more if he had spent it playing newer games like Singularity, Transformers, and my personal favorite, Mass Effect 2, but to spend it playing old games he’s had for a while simply for the sake of gaming really makes me wonder about him.

Now let’s hear from you guys! Who else here is a summer gamer and comment back if you’ve had a similar experience.


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