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The Importance of Music in Video Games

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Hey Everyone,

I have always been very geek when it comes to music in video games. Even when it was the 16 bit sounds of my first Super Nintendo chiming away as I combated zoras in Link to the Past, stomped on goombas in Super Mario World, or blasted Mavericks in Mega Man X, I would always enjoy the little tunes that played during each game. It got to the point where I could easily tell what game my friend was playing in the other room simply by hearing the melodies.

The type of Music that’s in video games plays a pivotal role in how well a game communicates to a gamer and can either make or break many video games in development and on the market.

Why do you exist?

But why is the music so vital to a game? Why is it that the thumping drums and airy choral lines in the Halo games more fitting than techno music and banjos? (besides banjos being the most useless instrument in the world). It’s because music is an essential ingredient to building atmosphere within games and evoking certain kinds of emotions in gamers.

Music has a special ability to evoke emotions. The tone colors of certain instruments as well as the overall beat, rhythm, pitch, staff style and much more can influence what natural kind of emotion we get. The dissonant chords and fast strings in Dead Space put nerves on edge, the slow french horns and deep drums of Oblivion soothe you as you ride over luscious hills, and the airy sounds of Venice with the mix of human chatter make you really feel like you’re with Ezio in Assassin’s Creed 2. (Oblivion even won the MTV Video Music Award for “Best Original Score” through an international popular vote.)

Video game music even has grown to be a distinct genre. Take, for example, many of the classical bands that have toured and featured video game music such as the Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland. And those are just classical orchestras playing video game music. There are sites out there that feature remixes and compositions based upon video game music like OC Remix, which provides free tracks you can download that remix game compositions into, many times, utter masterpieces.

But overall, I will be forever geek when it comes to video game music. If you’re interested in some decent soundtracks of video games, check out Oblivion, Halo, Chrono Trigger/ Chrono Cross, God of War 3, and Legend of Zelda Windwaker, Final Fantasy VII and X,  and Metal Gear Solid on Amazon or through youtube. And also, here’s one of my favorite tracks from Ocremix:


Spring Slick Songs

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some music, so here’s what I’m listenin to right now. Completely addicted to the airplanes song pt 2 by hayley williams, b.o.b., and eminem. Check it out below:

Twilight New Moon Soundtrack – Listen + Review

Since Twilight New Moon is coming out soon, here’s a playlist of most of the music from the soundtrack to get you psyched up for it. You have two types of playlists to choose from. The different site or the widget. Whichever one works best for you use 🙂

For the different site, I couldn’t find number 9. Done All Wrong – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, 11. The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf, 12. Shooting the Moon – Ok Go, 14. No sound but the wind – Editors, and 15. New Moon (The Meadow) – Alexandre Desplat.


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All Music Review (4/5 Stars)

Purchase Album (Amazon)

New Moon (film) Wikipedia Page

New Moon (Soundtrack) Wikipedia Page

New Moon (Novel) Wikipedia Page

David Crew’s Perma Playlist

Hey Everyone,

I’ve fallen in love. With Grooveshark. It’s a really great service and thanks to them, we have a permanent playlist up on the blog that updates whenever I do. Check it out!

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CMT : Videos : Taylor Swift and T-Pain : Thug Story

This made me lol. Only posted it because my cousin loves this girl. Oldie, but enjoy!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Coldplay Top Ten Tracks – Listen

Hey Everyone,

Coldplay’s always been a personal favorite. Their music is sublime, their lyrics are novels, and their style is unmatched. Below are my top ten favorite tracks, enjoy! Don’t forget to download their tracks or if you’d like to learn below, just explore the links below.

By the way, I couldn’t find a working link for Coldplay on iTunes. Someone want to comment the link ? =]

Coldplay at Wikipedia

Coldplay Albums at Amazon

Coldplay Latest Album Review – Viva la Vida

Coldplay top tracks

PS: Anyone know if they’re going to release an album rather soon? Or taking a long break from Viva la Vida?

Mellow Beats and Rhymes – Listen

Hey Everyone!

Its a late night, and I’m in the mood for some mellow beats and rhymes. I picked around with some artists that people don’t usually listen to, and came up with this little playlist. Enjoy!

Featuring:Aesop Rock, Water by Aesop Rock, Believe by Q-Tip, Die In Yer Arms by Everlast, virus by Deltron, Track 08 by Optimus Rhyme, Stripes by Cage, 3 Card Molly by C-Rayz Walz, Coffee (feat. John Darnielle)

Mellow Beats and Rhymes

Little Big Planet Tracklist – Listen

Hey Everyone!Little Big Planet Box Art

If you haven’t already tried Little Big Planet, you should give it a go. It’s a very unique game where you have control of little “Sackboys” and send them through platforming sequences. The game is amazing, and the tracklist is equally amazing. I tried to find most of the songs, but here are 8/11 songs that I found thanks to girlswhogame. Thank you very much! =]

Little Big Planet Playlist Tracklist

Twilight Sountrack – Listen + Review

Hey Everyone,

Twilight, a teenage (and other ages apparently) phenomenon of books and vampire obsessions has a movie coming out on Friday. The soundtrack is already out and available for download. Below you can listen to some of it, thanks to the Playlist. Don’t forget to check out the review from Entertainment Weekly as well!

Download from iTunes
Get from Amazon
Entertainment Weekly Review (A-)

Twilight Playlist

Taylor Swift – Fearless Listen + Review

Hey Everyone,

Taylor Swift recently came out with her new album, “Fearless” on Nov. 11th. I found a few tracks from it, and included them here. Enjoy! (Download the whole album from her website and click iTunes)

Taylor Swift - Fearless

Review – Stephen Thomas Erlewine @ Allmusic.com:

Taylor Swift abandons any pretense that she’s a teen on her second album, Fearless — which isn’t to say that she suddenly tarts herself up, running away from her youth in a manner that’s all too familiar to many teen stars. Swift’s maturation is deliberate and careful, styled after the crossover country-pop of Shania Twain and Faith Hill before they turned into divas. Despite the success of her self-titled 2006 debut, there’s nothing at all diva-like about Swift on 2008’s Fearless: she’s soft-spoken and considerate, a big sister instead of a big star. Nowhere is this truer than on “15,” a kind warning for a teen to watch her heart sung from the perspective of a woman who’s perhaps twice that age — a sly trick for the 18-year-old Swift. There may be a hint of youthfulness to her singing but… (Full Review)